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Joshua, age 26

I love to climb and hike . After injuring my ankle in a hiking accident, Michelle has helped me to heal and become active again. She gave me great techniques and I climbed 6 of the highest 10 mountains in Japan this year. 

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Stacy, age 52

After falling in the parking lot Michelle facilitated my body to flow, get balanced, release tension, and decrease my tailbone pain. I felt this synchronized energy as she treated my body with an authentic touch.

Darlene, age 80

I decided to see Michelle for my second knee replacement because my first surgery recovery was slow. She helped me get better faster and improved my strength quicker. Now when I kick butt it's going to hurt!

Kathy, age 64

I'm starting to notice chronic things that make my body feel chaotic and fearful. After coming to see Michelle I feel like I can relax, release, and trust I will be in a better place when I leave and able to function better for the next 20-25 years. She gives me tools to do something for myself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to find a balance in my life. 

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