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Heal Your Whole Body

Michelle Handley, PT, 

Certified Foundation Training

Level 1 Instructor 

Michelle Handley has been practicing health, wellness and physical therapy (PT) for over 25 years. She was first introduced to PT when her grandma was launched into old age after having a total hip replacement. She witnessed a woman who was not only grieving the loss of her husband, but also her independence in mobility. Michelle saw the transformation of despair turned into hope after her grandma achieved the daunting task of climbing a flight of stairs with the assistance of a physical therapist. She knew then she wanted to help heal others. Michelle went on to earn two degrees, one in Exercise Science in 1994 followed by the other in Physical Therapy in 1996 at the University of Montana. 

In her quest to find healing she developed the belief system that involves the whole body, not just the involved part, and encourages a healthy lifestyle. Her goal is to equip her clients with the tools to maximize their function and performance in addition to preventing pain or strains through manual (hands-on) therapy, and therapeutic movements and exercise. 

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