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Heal Your Whole Body

Michelle Handley, PT

Certified Foundation Training

Level 1 Instructor 

If you press rewind on my story, you’ll see me as a 10-year-old girl, landing on my head after being bucked off a horse, sustaining a minor concussion. Later, you’ll gasp at the crushing of my chest in a car accident. You’ll see me land on my tailbone, twice: once, slipping on the ice while carrying oranges and another time when, my bunny-slippered feet went flying out from under me on my mother’s freshly waxed floor.


I thought I was just going to get my ankle that I injured at work treated by Michelle, but instead my whole body got healed. Now when I'm at work I'm able to move easier and I don't lose my balance.
Sam, 19


 2829 Great Northern Loop

 Suite 107

Missoula, Montana 59808  /  

Phone 406-360-9420

Fax 833-989-0303

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